Theology Behind our Practice: What Does it Mean to Launch?

    Mountain Grove Family Church is planning on “launching” on March 29, 2015, but for many of us here, it seems like we have already begun.  Why do we need a launch?  In Exodus 40, 1 Kings 8, and Ezra 3 we see snapshots of the people of Israel finding a formal beginning to a new phase in their corporate worship.  In Exodus, the Tabernacle is finished, and the Glory of God arrives.  In 1 Kings, Solomon prays that God would fill the newly completed Temple with His glory, and in Ezra the people finally escape from spiritual exile and rejoice in the steadfast love of God as the foundation of the new Temple is laid.

    Clearly many of the people at these events had been following God prior to the recorded moment, but there was something different about these days.  These moments marked a new start – a new beginning to something great.  We hope and pray that March 29 will be that point for MGFC.  The time is now.  Our compassion for people must be always fresh.  Our absolute determination to demonstrate the restoration Jesus can bring to our hearts and our community will continue as it has been, but much like a business has a “Grand Opening,” we want the launch date to provide all of us who gather at MGFC on a regular basis to introduce our friends and neighbors to the church for the first time.

This is it.  Find hope, and start fresh with us this year!


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