What if For-profit Companies Acted like Churches?

      This video has been around a few years, but it makes some really good points about how we "do church" as a society.  Obviously, in real church life there are certain things that you should never change even if they make people uncomfortable (The Gospel, Jesus, Truth, the Bible, to name a few).  However, we need to think very critically about all of the man-made methods and traditions we have adopted over time.  What do people unfamiliar with church think and feel when they walk into your church?  The author Richard Reising (head of the company behind this video) made a pretty telling statement about the whole thing in an interview I recently watched.  He said this regarding the big reason we as members aren't excited about getting people to our churches: 

     "Most of us aren't ashamed of Christ – we’re ashamed of our church."

     I hope this isn't your story, but if it rings a little true in the back of your mind you might need to think about how you can change that perception the next time someone new comes through the church door.  And remember: you're not selling something, nor are you a club.  You are introducing people to a Savior!


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