Chicken Guts in Your Beard (and Other Serious Problems)

Today I killed chickens.  It isn’t a clean or pleasant job despite the idyllic image you may have of the picturesque farm life of a bygone era.  It is bloody, messy, and smells terrible.  But in the end, you get delicious meat for months to come (provided you get that stench out of your mustache before you try to eat it).  I sometimes feel like life churns me through the same vintage meat grinder that I’ve got waiting in a kitchen drawer to grind up squirrel meat this fall.  I work hard and still have a list a mile long.  But in moments of business I thank God that He has given me opportunities to be busy. 

You see, we pray for work – then we complain when it piles up.  We beg for rain when the tomatoes look like prunes on the vine – then we run to the truck shouting Christian explicatives as it pours down in buckets.  We cry [giant man-tears] for God to fill our churches with people – then we avoid their calls when all of the people He sent actually need help. 

Life is messy, and it sometimes smells.  But rest assured, there is something peaceful in finding purpose in working for Jesus.  This may be at the church, or it may be at Walmart, but God calls us all to be ready to talk about why we have hope (1 Peter 3:15).  Ministry is hard.  You might not end up in the freezer, but you may as well be ready to praise God in the midst of a few pluckings.


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