Another “It’s the Little Things” Update

One of our members graciously purchased the church plant a Nest Thermostat that you can control via Wifi, and Jeff (our construction project manager) got it installed today.  Blows my mind.  We are looking forward to saving energy by being able to not only program it, but also turn it off and on remotely – a great tool in our Missouri weather.  It will actually learn how long it takes for the system to reach the desired temperature, so it can minimize those extra hours of running before services and events.  It is very cool that God continues to bless with a little 21st century tech! 

I am hoping to teach on Ephesians 4 (specifically 4:11-16) this week after missing it last week due to weather.  We will look at the value of unity in the church and the undervalued mandate to divide the work of ministry between believers.  Everyone has value.  The old idea that the pastor is the “best” Christian in the church is a problem.  Why?  Because this passages teaches us that rather than making one greater than the other, Jesus instead tells us that each person has a unique role.  The pastor and other leaders should be setting the bar high as an example, but must never let that example transition to pride and become a spiritual superiority complex.

Thanks for the time and prayer,



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