Do You Care?

This week is all about love as Valentine’s Day sits waiting for us on Friday.  So, I thought we’d take a second and remind ourselves about a little different kind of love: love for our fellow humans. 

The awesome thing about Jesus was that he cared, and people could see it.  He would look at people that had terrible pasts and forgive them.  He would look at people that his society had turned on or left out because of disease and heal them.  No one was beyond loving.  He cared for their spiritual well being as well as their physical condition.

Many people outside of church don’t see this kind of love in the Christians they know.  So, this week, take a moment and pray for someone who you don’t think knows Jesus and the love he has to offer.  Then don’t forget, it’s not enough to tell people you care – you’ve got to show it, too!


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