February-March Article for the Westside Newsletter

The new year has brought big changes to the Mountain Grove church plant!  We have transitioned from a formal service format to a small group format temporarily on Sunday mornings, so we can get to know everyone better as we grow the group and finish the building.  The construction side of the project has also gotten off to a good start and the dust is already flying.  Hot water is one small amenity that we now have, and something that everyone is very grateful for! 
The other side of our work here is also getting off to a good start as well.  Buildings are merely tools God can use to help His church reach people.  This is the long term work we know God has in store for us here.  We continue to have positive contacts in the community with both individuals and other churches and organizations.  I was able to spend some time last week with several of the area pastors who are excited for what’s happening here and are joining us in prayers for effective ministry for many years to come.   
I invite you to read along with us in Ephesians as our Sunday morning small group spends the next couple of months unpacking what it is to be a church that truly loves God and lives out the purpose He has for us all.  Ephesians 1:3 says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.”  We know that what God is doing in us is a product of the Holy Spirit and that it is something so much bigger than just short-term blessings here on earth!  Our time and energy should be spent investing in things that truly last – things stored in heavenly places (read Matthew 6:19-21 if you want to hear Jesus back me up).  I believe God has me personally and this new church on a path of great investment.  Every day I thank Him for the amazing opportunity to serve Him in this way.  As always, check back regularly on my blog to keep up on the latest updates (plantingrural.blogspot.com).  I am constantly blessed by your interest and support of the mission.  Keep the prayers rolling, and God Bless!

Pastor Mark Fugitt


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