New Year and a New Start

This Sunday marks the first of the big changes for our mission here in Mountain Grove.  The name United Fellowship is officially gone as well as the Sunday school hour at this point.  One of the things we know we need to do is build community with those who are coming and make a welcoming place for those who will join us along the way towards our launch date.  To help make this happen, we are temporarily switching out our more formal Sunday morning service for a small group hybrid model.  There will still be some occasional worship music and some elements of a regular service, but there will be a new seating arrangement (chairs around tables instead of pews) and more opportunities for interaction with the study as I teach. 
Along with the changes and the new start, we are going to be observing the Lord’s Supper this week, as we focus on what being a church looks like.
Also, this week begins our transition to a contemporary style of church.  One of my good friends and former interns will be leading worship as a guest this week, and I look forward to the new format while we get ready for preview services in the spring and summer.  Keeping everything more simple and streamlined with the new format will also allow us to really focus on getting the building done ASAP (and allow us to make a bigger mess in the rest of the building in the process).
So, for those actually attending (or the rest of the overly curious who will ask), here is the run-down of our new Sunday schedule:
                10:30 Brunch
                11:00 Small Group Study (Children released for their group time as well)
Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers!  Some of the updates coming real soon are: the NEW NAME and logo, my notes and thoughts from our new Ephesians Small Group Study that begins this Sunday, and some pictures of the building progress!

In Christ-

Pastor Mark

P.S. If anyone has an extra paper cutter and three hole punch, we would love to have them!


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