A Change in Sensibility

I have always imagined myself to be pretty boring.  I collect books, enjoy history, listen to more talking on the radio than music, etc.  So sometimes it takes someone else to spark my evangelism mindset in certain situations.  Thankfully, God has surrounded me with people who help keep me sensitive to the lost around me rather than allowing me to bury myself in scholarship.

A sat in on a conversation last week where one such friend was explaining how excited he was for our new church to be next to a local bar and grill.  He pointed out that we didn't have to load up a bus and drive to our mission field, they were coming to us!  For years, people in the church had seen this location as a disadvantage.   What a difference it will make to our mission when we recognize those next door on Friday and Saturday night are waiting for us to tell them about Jesus!  Jesus was in the business of loving people – and though it stretches my boring sensibility sometimes, I’m going to have to side with Him on this one.  


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