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Developing Leaders in the Rural Church: By Choice or Necessity?

Tips for Connecting Rural Leaders to Training
Part of a series on developing leaders by guest author Dr. Stephen Fugitt
Who’s going to teach the fifth grade class? Who will take the teens to the conference? Some years, it may actually be the same people. They may also clean the church building on Thursday and mow the lawn on Saturday. People can be amazing sometimes! But chances are, in many contexts, there is not a surplus of leaders waiting in line to take on these kinds of positions of service. While having an abundance of willing servants could make the management of ministry seem easier, coping with human resource problems may actually be an opportunity for spiritual growth, both personally and for the church. For some, developing leaders in-house may be one of their options, but for others it is a necessity
In rural or smaller churches in particular, this “necessity” can actually be one of our greatest blessings in ministry. We’ll begin the conversation with a question: 
How can c…

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